Monday, March 17, 2008

Jack's St. Patrick's Day Transformation.

Stage 1: The Jack Attack with his slithering tongue trying to resist his Irish urges to sing his Irish heart out.

Stage 2: Unleashing his Irish vocal talents Jack serenades the family with his wee tunes.

Stage 3: The Irish singing has zapped his body and the transformation begins. Ben is amazed at Jacks ability to grow thick green facial hair.

Stage 4: Jack has forgotten that he is American and now speaks with an Irish accent; where has my son gone?

Step 5: Jack has developed an unusual appetite for Irish cuisine.
Stage 6: Where is the boy I once called my child? Who is this leprechaun?


nikie said...

poor jack! he looks like he is having so much fun in the first 2 stages, but by the end he looks so miserable. i guess he never wanted to be a leprechaun.

Kimberly Presbury said...

haha, he is so adorable! We love you Jack! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lesley-Ann said...

Wow you guys over there are so into St.Patricks day more so then here! Looks like you had a blast what fun, miss you and looking foward to seeing you soon :-)
Love Mum x

Cami said...

He doesn't look amused in that last picture! I bet he forgot he even had anything on his face.

Nate & Carlee said... facial hair is...unfortunate. Half English + half American= creepy Irish Leprechaun? I had no idea.

Atkinsons said...

That is so funny! What did you use, play dough?

Erin and Chris said...

Yeah, it is a small world! Thats funny, I grew up with Tennille in Idaho. You guys look like you're doing great. I can't believe how big Jack is! Time goes by so fast! We acutally miss the Union Square ward a lot. . . but not Union Square;-)

Teagan said...

what a great spring heading...can I steal it?? where did you find the pic.
Love that pictures...he is so cute!!!

Benjamin said...

My wonderful wife took that picture, pretty dang good if you ask me. It happened on one of our snake hunting trips. Wierd you say? Yeah, sorta; but it gets us out of the house.

aubrie said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I just found your blog from Katrina & Chris Schmidt's...I didn't even know that you had a kid! :) I guess it's been a long time since Union Square. I'm glad to see that things are going good for you guys and that you have such an adorable son!

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