Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Exciting Presidents weekend!

I don't know much about the American Presidents but I am glad we get a weekend to celebrate them, this means a day off school. Sunday was very eventful, after worring all month about teaching Relief Society I finally did it. My lesson was about the Book of Mormon being the Keystone of our religion. Well, as I didn't have blocks to demonstrate the keystone arch thing, I thought that an interpretive dance would be nice but instead I decided to neither and just smile. The lesson went alright, no one threw anything at me so I think thats a good sign.
My brother and his family came over for dinner that evening. We had a lovely time chatting, eating, bathing the kids and playing a game of Setlers of Catan.

Sadly for me my brother won the game and got to sign his name on the box with all the other champions; I am not one of them:(

Monday morning we went up into the mountains with some freinds. We had a blast. The snow was crystling and the sky brilliant blue; the veiws were magnificent.

Monday night we spent dinner with my friend Lisa's family. Lisa lives round the corner from me, she is kind, brilliant and an incredible sewer. She is helping me with a sewing project for my dance concert tha I am in next month.


Atkinsons said...

Your lesson went great! you do a wonderful job. I enjoyed the crackers part.

The Gorrells said...

I didn't know you danced! I wish I was there for your lesson... sorry. Sick baby! And let me just tell you... I would kick your butt at settlers! I won last Sunday and that was my second time. Oh P.S. I don't remember how I found your blog, someone in the ward. Check out my blog! I haven't updated it in a little while... maybe I will get on that.

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