Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Revisiting childhood fun!

In celebration of Mr Martin Luther King Ben donated plasma while I dreamed of playing in the newly fallen snow.In the evening we invited two couples round the Neilson and the Sanchez (both dazzling couples with potential to become America's next top model). The theme of the evening was revisiting childhood memories. We began with a silly game of "chubby bunnies," the purpose of this game is to see how many marshmallow's one can fit in ones mouth and still pronounce the words "chubby bunnies". After splattering marshmallow and spit everywhere it was confirmed that Jake's mouth was the largest; he stuffed 9 large marshmallow's in it!

To calm our senses we transitioned into an arts and crafts section of the evening. Some people were painting other were making glow in the dark bead thingys.

We all discussed how placing the beads in the right places was trickier now our fingers have developed into chunky stubs. While we explored our creative abilities we shared embarrassing childhood memories which shall not be repeated! Well, lets just say one involved peeing ones self in public- oops!

To finish a perfect evening of childlike joy we played a fun game named "loaded question".

It's wonderful to take time to enjoy friends, strengthen relationships and unleashing the kid at heart!

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Lisa said...

In our house the "chubby bunny" game always devolves into a food fight with (clean) marshmallows. I always have much better aim than my husband. :)

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