Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Looking back and looking to the future

Momentous events of 2007
Being pregnant while in school full time and working about 19 hours a week- how did I do that?

Giving birth- awch!

Welcoming Jack into our lives at 7 pounds and 15 ounces, with lots of fluffy strawberry blond hair and a tube head.

House sitting for Joe and Ashley and growing a garden.

Watching Jack grow into a interactive ball of fun.
Jack learns how to coo, cough, blow raspberries, baby talk, squeal, scream, scream louder, roll, sit up, scoot, kinda crawl, stand up while holding on to something, eat baby food, pick things up, watch the backyardagains, suck his dad's ear, wrestle with daddy, put everything in his mouth and make his mum and dad laugh.

Struggling to be good parents. Does anyone have Jacks manual?

I presented my senior project at Brigham Young University; it was a great success!

Moving to the ghetto of Provo.

Juggling school, work and being parents!

Entered the world of blogging.

Started to Run.

Ben went hunting and found himself a deer- yum yum.

Went to see Bourne Ultimatum- awesome movie!

Attended Ben's Dad's wedding and spent a lovely Thanksgiving with his family.
Survived finals.

Spent Christmas with lots of people that we love.

Jack is now a whopping 20 pounds

Ben is now addicted to politics...and I might be too...

Ambitions for 2008

Use my time more wisely

Immerse myself in studying the scriptures

Be a better example to my husband and son

Be more thankful

Teach Jack to be kind to others

Continue running


katherine said...

Somebody looked absolutely stunning right after giving birth!

Teagan said...

So sweet-"Be a better example to my husband and son" and "teach Jack how to be kind to others" LOVE THOSE! you are such a good wife and mommy!!
PS- keep me up to date about your running... I would love to get into running...but its hard with two kids and no one to do it with. Let me know how it works out:)

Ashley said...

Very cute post. Thanks again for helping us out so much with the house. We do need to hang out soon! I want to see that cute, chubby kid. :)

Kimberly Presbury said...

Jess, you are a wonderful mother and you are doing a great job! I am very proud of you and you have the cutest little family ever. We love you guys so much!
Parenting is definatly not easy but its totally worth it. Give it time and patients and it will all work out. Josh has struggled with going to sleep on his own until 3 days ago. He now does it all on his own and gets excited for it.
We do his normal routine, say prayers, tuck him in bed, turn lights out and put his primary lullaby cd on and I then leave the room. He has not come out looking for me once the past 3 nights. Its a miracle and I honestly believe that with faith and love (and a lot of good communication) things will definatly work out! He is finally starting to understand. Good luck.
Love ya!

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