Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Festivities!

What an exciting Christmas. My parents and younger sister flew into town on Tuesday night. They came round to make some delicious traditional English Christmas treats: Mince pies!

I love mince pies. We had a real laugh with each other. As we made the pies my dad videoed us and we pretended we were on a cooking channel; it was hysterical! We made a theme tune and commercials; it was very intense and high tech.

We also attended a tumble gym with my family and some friends. Ben and I have been there several times before and wanted to share a bouncing time with everyone. There are Olympic trampolines, blow up bouncy stuff, and jumping pit and lots of space to create crazy moves and jumps in. We were all sore that night.
We attended Ben's cousins Temple marriage in the Logan temple the Thursday before Christmas. I feel so privileged to attend another temple marriage; it was so heavenly.
We spent Christmas at Ben's mom and step Dads home in Twin Falls Idaho. it was wonderful to escape Provo after a busy journey through finals, Christmas festivities and all other junk. It was a very full house hold in Twin Falls, Saturday night there was 18 people staying over; now that's what Christmas is about.

Jack had a wonderful time playing with his cousin Jase. As Jase is already crawling he was kind enough to demonstrate his swift arm and leg coordination to help Jack figure it out. Jenny (Ben's step brother's wife) and I made two soups on Saturday night, one of them was a French onion soup which looked and little scary as it was a similar color to snot, but after adding lots of random spices it tasted pretty good. The other coup was a chili soup and it was yummy.
Jessica and Jason came over on Saturday with their two tiny twins. The twins are adorable! I take my hat off to those two, having one child is crazy tough but they have two the same age and do a great job, both their babies are healthy and super cute.
Its crazy, Ben's family is growing super fast, his mum had one grandchild last year and now she has six. These kids are going to have a blast with each other when they get older.


mwaymo said...

Yep poor Rex has been dethroned. Oh well!

Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We can't wait to have a cute little guy like will make Christmas so great. Love ya and miss you.

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