Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last night we got a Christmas tree from the wonderful world of Home Depot . Ben thinks this is weird but I thought the tree should have a name so his name is "Nathanael the Noble Fur", and what a lovely tree he is! Have you ever thought how funny it is that we cut down trees and stick them in our home dress them with ornaments and lights and take them down a couple weeks later. It might be kinda funny but I love, love Christmas Trees. Jack really enjoys looking at the lights and grabbing the pine needles; there is a good possibility that our tree might be naked before Christmas if Jack keeps up at the pace he is going.

I made stockings for all of us! It was fun writing Dad and Mum on mine and Ben's stockings. Making the stockings reminded me that as kids we had our stockings in our bedroom and every year there was an orange in there, although such a small and simple gift I loved receiving and eating them. Christmas isn't about the hustle and bustle its about family and friends uniting together and serving each other and those around. This is something I need to remember!

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