Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas fun with the Presbury's!

We took my family to the Brigham Young Universities Animal Museum, it was totally cool. The animals are amazing. As I was walking around I was in awe at these beautiful creations God has made. I feel so blessed to know that humans and animals were designed and created by a loving Heavenly Father along with this beautiful world, that it did not just appear by some coincidence.

My brother received a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. We all made our individual little Wii people, we even made one for Jack; he looked really funny, my Wii has a blond afro! I look fantastic! We all competed in the Wii Olympics. It was funny to watch each other play, shaking our hands up and down as fast as possible trying to win the 100 meters sprint.

Before we left we played a game called "Pass the buck". This game has a little soft toy Reindeer and two dice. One person rolls the dice and it might say "knee" "back". This means that you need to lie on you back and hold the buck behind your knee, this is the position Ben was in and my Mum rolled the dice that said "neck" "knees". My Mum had to retrieve the buck with her neck sitting on her knees. OK, picture this my Mum is entering danger "Fart" zone as she approached to get the buck, she hesitates and jokingly says "don't you pass wind" then Ben blows her away with a huge toot! It was hysterical. We were laughing like crazy. I know its gross but it sure was funny.

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Snooky doodle said...

What a nice family. So many cute photos :)

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