Monday, November 19, 2007

I have been Tagged!

OK, Michelle my darling Sister in Law tagged me a couple days ago, I am supposed to list 7 interesting things about myself.
Here Goes:
1: I miss my beautiful horse Shrimp! She was the horse that taught me to ride, fall off and get back on.
2: I am related to royalty! My Grannie recently found out that one of our genealogy lines comes from a royal family. I always knew there was something special about me. Growing up my dad always called me his little princess and now we find out that that nickname is quite appropriate for me!
3: I am preparing to run a half marathon this coming March. Yes, I am crazy. My friend Carlee and I are training together. We run 3-4 times a week while pushing our babies in the strollers. So far the furthest I have run is 4 miles; Yes I have a lot of training ahead of me!
4: My favorite numbers are 4, 7 and 11 and my favorite color is Yellow. I don't know why its just always been that way.
5: I love to make home made cards. I think its so much fun to think about a person and make a card especially designed for them.
6: Growing up I developed a talent of milking goats. We had a couple of goats because my dad drank goats milk because cows milk would aggravate his skin condition, often it was my pleasure to milk the goats at a crazy hour in the morning. It was quite a dangerous job, you had to be quick because once the goats had finished eating their food them would turn their head around and start eating my hair- ouch!
7: I love being physically active. I think its really important to stay healthy and exercise. I love to dance. I teach it and often feel like my life is an on going musical full of wonderful dance numbers. I want to be a dance teacher in the public school systems when I graduate. I think that dance can help reinforce other academic subjects and can keep kids healthy and increase their self esteem and body image.
And an extra one for good luck-
8: I love to cook. I am not very good at it but I really enjoy making food from scratch. I make my own baby food for Jack, its really easy and inexpensive. I really would love to learn how to make beautiful homemade bread rolls- but my attempts so far have been rather dreary.


Lesley-Ann said...

I love your blog Jessie, it made me cry but then I do that a lot these days must be my age or the music! I'm sooo excited to see you soon and more so my gorgeous grandson Jack for the wonderful Christmas season in just a few weeks. I love and miss you very much Mum xx

Jessica said...

I love you too mum, You are the best!

mwaymo said...

That was fun Jess! Is that picture on top real?? It almost looks Photoshopped or something. You are a cutie!

Ashley said...

It was fun to learn more about you! My favorite number is 4 :). I can't believe you're going to run a half marathon! Very cool.

Jessica said...

michelle that photo is real crazy huh?! ok so we went to the doctors and Jack offically has an ear infection! AHHHH! I know you have dealt with them; any suggestions?

mwaymo said...

Good freakin luck!! Normally I would say, see if it runs it's course before giving antibiotics since about 80% of ear infections clear up on their own. However since you are going out of town and flying on a plane, I would do antibiotics soon. My kids start feeling better within a day or 2 of starting antibiotics. A plane will bother his ears anyway so you will want to give him Motrin before hand and make sure he sucks during takeoff and landing to pop his ears. Call me if any questions!!

Angela said...

This blog is awesome and it is cool to read about things that are going on and to learn more about you! The pictures and slides are so awesome to see!

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