Sunday, November 11, 2007

A food tip, funny faces and celery sticks

Food Tip: Make a big batch of cookies and freeze half the dough by rolling it up in plastic rap, making a long, slender log. Then when you feel like cookies you just get the frozen cookie log out of the freezer and cut cookies, stick them on a cookie sheet and in ten minutes you have beautiful warm cookies ready to eat! I LOVE DOING THIS-yum yum:)
Ben and I love to pull faces and I think that Jack has inherited this passion too. We got the camera out to take some pictures of the three of us and had some fun. Although Jack needs to refine this growing talent I think he has the potential to be a professional funny face puller; if there was such a profession Ben could be bringing some big bucks home.
Now that Jack is eating rice cereal and carrots, meal time is very exciting! He really loves eating and is quite good at it. The other day he was being a little ratbag so to quiet him up I let him chomp on a stick of celery- he loved it. Now he gets a celery stick after dinner every day, I don't know if he gets anything from it but it keeps him smiling and it healthy!


mwaymo said...

Yes, Ben definitely has a funny face! Jack looks super cute, I can't wait to spend time with him over Thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

That's a really good food tip. I'll have to try that!

Jessarella said...

Such a cute little family. It was so good to see you all last weekend, and I hope we can spend more time with you again soon.

Ashley said...

Hey Jess,
I saw your comment about sleeping. I can't take too much credit for Natalie since she has always been a good sleeper but there are some things that help. So does Jack just wake up to eat at 9 or is he up until 9 and then goes to bed after eating? If he just wakes up to eat then I think the key is just making sure he's getting enough to eat before bed (solids, milk, etc.) and pushing his last feeding back until 6 or 7. If you're OK with it, you could let him cry for a little bit (if he wakes up at 9) and see if he'll go back to sleep or pick him up and snuggle and then try to put him back down.
I guess the only other thing to remember is that baby sleep patterns are often counter-intuitive. If they are waking up too early in the morning, sometimes it helps to put them down earlier rather than later. Sometimes they are just overtired when they go to bed and so don't sleep as well. I've found this to be true a lot with my girls. Anyway, you probably already know all of this but that's my two sense. Good luck!

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