Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Airplane Ride.
OK, the day before we left Jack had his 6 month check up and we discovered that he still growing (a whopping 17 pounds and 13 and a half oz) but sadly he had an ear infection! Ahhhh! Although he was getting over his cold he was acting rather happy and chirpy I gave him the antibiotic hoping that we had caught it in the beginning stages; which I think we did.
Well our flight to Denver, Colorado was at 10:10am, the airport was not as packed as we anticipated and Jack enjoyed watching the planes as we waited. Jack did great on the plane ride we sang songs taking off and he slept through the landing; easy stuff!


This is my favorite American holiday! I think its great to take a step back and remind ourselves of what we have and express thanks for it, in England this is a daily occurrence but I guess Americans are not quite as holy as the British- just kidding:)

We spent Thanksgiving dinner at Liz's house (soon to be new step-mother in law) it was delicious! I can't believe that she made a huge dinner and entertained all of us plus her extended family the day before her wedding day! She is a super star* It was fun to get to know our new family a little better.

Liz's kids Katie, Brain, Laura and Lisa are all really nice and they were very helpful with Jack. I told them that when we move out to Colorado I will be recruiting them to babysit.

The Wedding
Well Ben's dad was looking rather nervous and we wondered if he was going to run, but after the wedding he told us that once he had seen Liz in the temple he felt calm and peaceful, and knew it was the right thing to do! It was a beautiful temple sealing. Being in the temple reminds me of our potential as literal sons and daughters of God. A temple marriage is so sacred, knowing that God is an intricate part of the marriage reminds me to always turn to him for guidance as he wants our marriages to work and will offer all the help, support and comfort that is needed to have a happy marriage. I am so blessed to be sealed to Ben for time and all eternity; the blessings are incredible.

The sealing was in the Denver, Colorado temple. After we took pictures in the visitors center after because it was freezing outside. Then the family went to eat at an Italian restaurant that served a really yummy spaghetti with enormous meatballs, the size of baseballs. Later that evening there was a reception at Liz's house (which is now their house) it was very fancy. Again the food was delicious; there was a chocolate and a caramel fountain with a variety of yummy dip ins, fancy finger foods and scrumptious punches. I think me stomach grew a couple inches that night.

Fun With Cousins

Throughout the whole trip Jack had a great time better getting to know his cousins Rex and Sam and his fun Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mark. I think that Sam was his favorite, they played "lets take out Sam's Binki" a lot and "lets sit and look at each other", they had a lot of fun!

The Penske Adventure

We didn't fly home instead we rented an enormous Penske truck to haul furniture that Ben's dad didn't need back to Utah. We rented the largest truck because we needed to have a bench seat that could hold Jack's car seat and the big ones are the only ones that have a bench seat. It was a bumpy 11 hour trip, to begin with the bumpy vibrations were fun and felt like a massage but then it just felt bumpy. The truck was so loud that it was hard to hear each other talk and if we did hear each other's our voices were vibrating. When we sang songs the vibrations gave Ben's singing voice a beautiful vibrato!

During the trip Jack had one of his famous poop explosions, luckily I am an expert at dealing with such extreme explosions and swiftly stripped Jack, removed the disaster diaper replaced it with a new one and carried on our way; what a pro I am! Motherhood helps you develop the most essential skills!


Ashley said...

I love that little jacket Jack was wearing at the wedding. So cute! That last picture is adorable, too. I know what you mean about acquiring new skills as a mother. Of course kids can still throw you off guard. Just wait until Jack has smeared poop all over his room during his nap time! (Hopefully this won't happen to you) :)

mwaymo said...

Those are so cute, great narrative of the trip!!!
We had a great time with you guys, I really wish you were moving closer and not farther away!!!
Sam and Jack are sure to be buddies.

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