Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas fun with the Presbury's!

We took my family to the Brigham Young Universities Animal Museum, it was totally cool. The animals are amazing. As I was walking around I was in awe at these beautiful creations God has made. I feel so blessed to know that humans and animals were designed and created by a loving Heavenly Father along with this beautiful world, that it did not just appear by some coincidence.

My brother received a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. We all made our individual little Wii people, we even made one for Jack; he looked really funny, my Wii has a blond afro! I look fantastic! We all competed in the Wii Olympics. It was funny to watch each other play, shaking our hands up and down as fast as possible trying to win the 100 meters sprint.

Before we left we played a game called "Pass the buck". This game has a little soft toy Reindeer and two dice. One person rolls the dice and it might say "knee" "back". This means that you need to lie on you back and hold the buck behind your knee, this is the position Ben was in and my Mum rolled the dice that said "neck" "knees". My Mum had to retrieve the buck with her neck sitting on her knees. OK, picture this my Mum is entering danger "Fart" zone as she approached to get the buck, she hesitates and jokingly says "don't you pass wind" then Ben blows her away with a huge toot! It was hysterical. We were laughing like crazy. I know its gross but it sure was funny.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I heard the bells on Christmas day their old familiar carols play...

Christmas Eve and Christmas day was spent in Twin Falls Idaho, all of Ben's step family left before Christmas and were replaced by Ben's sister's family. Christmas Eve we made tasty caramel popcorn balls, finished last minute wrapping, played a killer game of settlers of catan (which Ben won) prepared food for Christmas Dinner and had a lovely Christmas Eve program.

We read the story of Jesus found in Luke and sang carols; it was lovely. At the end we wrote our testimonies and put them in a stocking as a gift to our savior. It was lovely to take a quiet moment to reflect on our savior's humble birth before the rustle of presents.

Christmas morning was exciting! Ben had filled our stockings with lots of fun bits and bobs. Jack really enjoyed playing with wrapping paper and looked pretty excited about some of his gifts but he became tired rather quick so we put him down for a nap and opened the rest of his pressies!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Festivities!

What an exciting Christmas. My parents and younger sister flew into town on Tuesday night. They came round to make some delicious traditional English Christmas treats: Mince pies!

I love mince pies. We had a real laugh with each other. As we made the pies my dad videoed us and we pretended we were on a cooking channel; it was hysterical! We made a theme tune and commercials; it was very intense and high tech.

We also attended a tumble gym with my family and some friends. Ben and I have been there several times before and wanted to share a bouncing time with everyone. There are Olympic trampolines, blow up bouncy stuff, and jumping pit and lots of space to create crazy moves and jumps in. We were all sore that night.
We attended Ben's cousins Temple marriage in the Logan temple the Thursday before Christmas. I feel so privileged to attend another temple marriage; it was so heavenly.
We spent Christmas at Ben's mom and step Dads home in Twin Falls Idaho. it was wonderful to escape Provo after a busy journey through finals, Christmas festivities and all other junk. It was a very full house hold in Twin Falls, Saturday night there was 18 people staying over; now that's what Christmas is about.

Jack had a wonderful time playing with his cousin Jase. As Jase is already crawling he was kind enough to demonstrate his swift arm and leg coordination to help Jack figure it out. Jenny (Ben's step brother's wife) and I made two soups on Saturday night, one of them was a French onion soup which looked and little scary as it was a similar color to snot, but after adding lots of random spices it tasted pretty good. The other coup was a chili soup and it was yummy.
Jessica and Jason came over on Saturday with their two tiny twins. The twins are adorable! I take my hat off to those two, having one child is crazy tough but they have two the same age and do a great job, both their babies are healthy and super cute.
Its crazy, Ben's family is growing super fast, his mum had one grandchild last year and now she has six. These kids are going to have a blast with each other when they get older.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Silly Pictures

I love taking pictures of Jack and I love making him look ridiculous! These are some pictures I took during finals to bring a smile to my face.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Milestone: Tooth Number 2!

Today as we were eating dinner Ben discovered Jack's second tooth. It is very strange how these teeth just pop up out of nowhere. Yesterday I was investigating Jack's mouth and I saw and felt nothing but today there it was popping its Sharp little prong out of Jack's gum. Crazy!
I have been brushing Jack's gums for the last month but now he has teeth its so much more enjoyable for him, but he prefers to chew on the other end of the brush.
I love to watch Jack grow its exciting to see what he will discover or develop next.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last night we got a Christmas tree from the wonderful world of Home Depot . Ben thinks this is weird but I thought the tree should have a name so his name is "Nathanael the Noble Fur", and what a lovely tree he is! Have you ever thought how funny it is that we cut down trees and stick them in our home dress them with ornaments and lights and take them down a couple weeks later. It might be kinda funny but I love, love Christmas Trees. Jack really enjoys looking at the lights and grabbing the pine needles; there is a good possibility that our tree might be naked before Christmas if Jack keeps up at the pace he is going.

I made stockings for all of us! It was fun writing Dad and Mum on mine and Ben's stockings. Making the stockings reminded me that as kids we had our stockings in our bedroom and every year there was an orange in there, although such a small and simple gift I loved receiving and eating them. Christmas isn't about the hustle and bustle its about family and friends uniting together and serving each other and those around. This is something I need to remember!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Yesterday Ben and I watched The Work and The Glory 2. It really got me thinking about how dedicated the early saints were to the building up of Zion. Half of them didn't understand what Zion was but they followed the Prophet Joseph because they knew that's what God wanted. Many of the early saints just uprooted their lives, left everything to be obedient to God's commands. It made me think could I have done it? Although I don't have a lot of expensive things (actually half of our stuff was free or given to us, which we are very grateful for) but I am rather attached to living in an apartment that has heating, a comfortable place too sleep, somewhere to shower and has cooking appliances, you know all the normal stuff. If I was asked to leave and travel on foot to a place miles away with no answers to where I would live I don't know if I would be quite so diligent as those early saints.
I hope and pray that I can develop greater faith like the Prophet Joseph Smith and those that followed him in righteousness.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jacks First Party

It was Jacks Friend Reid's first birthday and here's a photo of Jack and his buddies celebrating this momentous event. Reid looks rather distraught at the thought of getting older!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Family Photos!

OK, we had some family photos taken by our freind on Friday. It was quite a laugh. Here's a link to see them, tell me which ones you think we should get developed.
Busy days!

Sometimes I feel like a chicken running around with its head chopped off. At the end of the day I am feeling rather deflated but don't have an awful lot to show for my efforts. So this is what we did today:
I had my class at 7 am, so after nursing Jack and feeding him oatmeal cereal I left and took a test which I think went OK. When I got home I did some homework till Jack woke then we spoke to my mum and grandparents over the web cam; they are very entertaining. Then we visited the wondrous land of Walmart where we expereinced the slowest checkout guy EVER. We got a great bargain though- a quarter of ham $5- Wow! I know I am the bargain queen.
After putting Jack down for a nap I unloaded shopping and all that fun exciting stuff, then watched the little girl from downstairs, made three batches of Baby food; Broccoli with cauliflower and pumpkin adn watched Jack flirt with carly.

Then Jack went over and played with his friend Reid while I ran 3.5 miles with Reid's mum Carlee; yes we are the wonder women of this century.

Then I made dinner, bathed Jack and we went to see Santa; who rather intrigued Jack.

Now we are home Jack's asleep, Ben's doing homework and I am here. What a lovely day! Although I didn't solve world hunger I did fight the ever propellong spit up's that constanly land on me, I am always fighting world war three: Me V's Jacks bodily functions. Isn't life great!
Abuelita Party!

Last weekend we had a little get together with some friends and my darling husband was the host of our "Abuelita gathering". Yes nothing too fancy just some good friends drinking Mexican hot chocolate and eating Mexican bread chatting up a storm. Ben and I are so blessed to have many Friends that we can count on and have a great laugh with!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

You can elf your family it's so fun.
Look at us:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Trip


The Airplane Ride.
OK, the day before we left Jack had his 6 month check up and we discovered that he still growing (a whopping 17 pounds and 13 and a half oz) but sadly he had an ear infection! Ahhhh! Although he was getting over his cold he was acting rather happy and chirpy I gave him the antibiotic hoping that we had caught it in the beginning stages; which I think we did.
Well our flight to Denver, Colorado was at 10:10am, the airport was not as packed as we anticipated and Jack enjoyed watching the planes as we waited. Jack did great on the plane ride we sang songs taking off and he slept through the landing; easy stuff!


This is my favorite American holiday! I think its great to take a step back and remind ourselves of what we have and express thanks for it, in England this is a daily occurrence but I guess Americans are not quite as holy as the British- just kidding:)

We spent Thanksgiving dinner at Liz's house (soon to be new step-mother in law) it was delicious! I can't believe that she made a huge dinner and entertained all of us plus her extended family the day before her wedding day! She is a super star* It was fun to get to know our new family a little better.

Liz's kids Katie, Brain, Laura and Lisa are all really nice and they were very helpful with Jack. I told them that when we move out to Colorado I will be recruiting them to babysit.

The Wedding
Well Ben's dad was looking rather nervous and we wondered if he was going to run, but after the wedding he told us that once he had seen Liz in the temple he felt calm and peaceful, and knew it was the right thing to do! It was a beautiful temple sealing. Being in the temple reminds me of our potential as literal sons and daughters of God. A temple marriage is so sacred, knowing that God is an intricate part of the marriage reminds me to always turn to him for guidance as he wants our marriages to work and will offer all the help, support and comfort that is needed to have a happy marriage. I am so blessed to be sealed to Ben for time and all eternity; the blessings are incredible.

The sealing was in the Denver, Colorado temple. After we took pictures in the visitors center after because it was freezing outside. Then the family went to eat at an Italian restaurant that served a really yummy spaghetti with enormous meatballs, the size of baseballs. Later that evening there was a reception at Liz's house (which is now their house) it was very fancy. Again the food was delicious; there was a chocolate and a caramel fountain with a variety of yummy dip ins, fancy finger foods and scrumptious punches. I think me stomach grew a couple inches that night.

Fun With Cousins

Throughout the whole trip Jack had a great time better getting to know his cousins Rex and Sam and his fun Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mark. I think that Sam was his favorite, they played "lets take out Sam's Binki" a lot and "lets sit and look at each other", they had a lot of fun!

The Penske Adventure

We didn't fly home instead we rented an enormous Penske truck to haul furniture that Ben's dad didn't need back to Utah. We rented the largest truck because we needed to have a bench seat that could hold Jack's car seat and the big ones are the only ones that have a bench seat. It was a bumpy 11 hour trip, to begin with the bumpy vibrations were fun and felt like a massage but then it just felt bumpy. The truck was so loud that it was hard to hear each other talk and if we did hear each other's our voices were vibrating. When we sang songs the vibrations gave Ben's singing voice a beautiful vibrato!

During the trip Jack had one of his famous poop explosions, luckily I am an expert at dealing with such extreme explosions and swiftly stripped Jack, removed the disaster diaper replaced it with a new one and carried on our way; what a pro I am! Motherhood helps you develop the most essential skills!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jack's first fortress


I just returned home from my 7am class at BYU, my teacher reminded us of the numerous blessings we have and to find time daily to be thankful. He said "A thankful person will not willingly sin" that really got the wheels turning in my head...
I found this cute Thanksgiving story called "The Thanksgiving Balloon" and it reminded me that I have so much good in my life!

Robert sat on the swing in his backyard and stared at the overcast sky. It was a boring Friday afternoon, and he couldn't think of anything to do. His best friends, Will and Jason, were visiting their grandparents over the Thanksgiving weekend. Robert didn’t have any grandparents. The juicy brown turkey and shimmering red cranberry sauce had been eaten yesterday. Oh, there’d be turkey sandwiches and turkey soup, but the actual turkey dinner was only a memory. Even the pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream was a thing of the past—Robert had polished off the last slice right after lunch. There was nothing to look forward to now but a long, empty weekend.

Robert kicked at some of the leaves on the ground. The air was cold, and the sky seemed like a gray blanket above him. With his luck, it would probably snow too. As he stared at the clouds, he saw something red out of the corner of his eye.

Turning his head, Robert saw that that something red was floating past the chimney of a house down the street. It was a balloon! A bright red balloon was floating lazily on the wind currents.

Robert watched the bobbing balloon, fascinated. Forgetting the cold, overcast afternoon, he stood up and ran toward the balloon.

The balloon drifted lower and lower until it was directly over Robert’s head. When he reached up to grab it, the balloon drifted out of his reach. He ran after it and jumped when he was directly beneath the bright object. His hand snagged the balloon’s short string, and he pulled it down. A bright red balloon was a wonderful thing to have on a gloomy Friday-after-Thanksgiving!

As Robert ran his hand over the balloon’s smooth surface, he felt something strange. Turning the balloon around, he saw a label stuck to the side of the balloon. It read:


From Ethel Gazelle

Pine Crest Nursing Home

St. Louis, Missouri

Robert had never received a Thanksgiving balloon before. And this balloon had traveled more than sixty miles! Why, his Thanksgiving weekend was turning out to be pretty exciting. Even if he didn’t have grandparents to visit like Will and Jason did, he had a Thanksgiving balloon.

Suddenly Robert had an idea. Holding tightly to the balloon’s string, he raced home. Carefully he released the balloon in his room, where it rose slightly and hovered over his books and papers. Robert pulled off his jacket and hung it on its hook. Then he sat down, found a clean piece of paper and a pencil, and wrote:

Dear Mrs. Gazelle,

I found your red balloon on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thank you for sending it. It traveled more than sixty miles to Union, Missouri, where I live. My name is Robert, and I’m nine years old. Would you like to be my pen pal? I never had a Thanksgiving balloon before. I like it very much.


Robert Webster

Satisfied, Robert carefully copied Mrs. Gazelle’s address onto the front of an envelope. Then he wrote his address in the upper left-hand corner. He folded his letter, tucked it inside the envelope, put a stamp on it, sealed it, and took it to the mailbox on the next block.

Robert wondered if Mrs. Gazelle would write back. Maybe they could be pen pals for a long time. He could send her letters and birthday and Christmas cards.

It would be almost like having a grandmother.

*I am so thankful to have wonderful parents and grandparents!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I have been Tagged!

OK, Michelle my darling Sister in Law tagged me a couple days ago, I am supposed to list 7 interesting things about myself.
Here Goes:
1: I miss my beautiful horse Shrimp! She was the horse that taught me to ride, fall off and get back on.
2: I am related to royalty! My Grannie recently found out that one of our genealogy lines comes from a royal family. I always knew there was something special about me. Growing up my dad always called me his little princess and now we find out that that nickname is quite appropriate for me!
3: I am preparing to run a half marathon this coming March. Yes, I am crazy. My friend Carlee and I are training together. We run 3-4 times a week while pushing our babies in the strollers. So far the furthest I have run is 4 miles; Yes I have a lot of training ahead of me!
4: My favorite numbers are 4, 7 and 11 and my favorite color is Yellow. I don't know why its just always been that way.
5: I love to make home made cards. I think its so much fun to think about a person and make a card especially designed for them.
6: Growing up I developed a talent of milking goats. We had a couple of goats because my dad drank goats milk because cows milk would aggravate his skin condition, often it was my pleasure to milk the goats at a crazy hour in the morning. It was quite a dangerous job, you had to be quick because once the goats had finished eating their food them would turn their head around and start eating my hair- ouch!
7: I love being physically active. I think its really important to stay healthy and exercise. I love to dance. I teach it and often feel like my life is an on going musical full of wonderful dance numbers. I want to be a dance teacher in the public school systems when I graduate. I think that dance can help reinforce other academic subjects and can keep kids healthy and increase their self esteem and body image.
And an extra one for good luck-
8: I love to cook. I am not very good at it but I really enjoy making food from scratch. I make my own baby food for Jack, its really easy and inexpensive. I really would love to learn how to make beautiful homemade bread rolls- but my attempts so far have been rather dreary.

Alma is Awesome!

I was reading about Alma's interrogation with Korihor yesterday. I am amazed at the steadfast faith shown by the Alma, I wish I had an ounce of his zeal and commitment to God. I love the part when Korihor is challenging Alma and argues that he does not know that there is a Christ and he will not believe him unless Alma gives him a sign. It made me wonder how often I want signs, when I am praying for an answer I want God to tell me in a grand way or through a miracle when often I already know the right decision that needs to be made I am just not ready to commit to making it. I need to follow Alma's example of faith and perfect reliance on the Lords spirit as a guidance. WOW! Aren't we lucky to have the scriptures!

I need to sleep!

Jack has been sick! I don't like sickness! He has had a really runny nose and can't breath properly which makes sleeping very difficult. I feel so bad for him because he doesn't understand why he can't breath plus he is exhausted from lack of sleep. I got a humidifier for him to help with his breathing, he has been sleeping much better during his naps but still night time is a trial to get through. I don't know how in my freshman year of collage I ran off practically no sleep because now I need my sleep otherwise I say really weird things and become terribly clumsy.
I am really thankful though because this is Jack first real burst of being really under the weather. Generally he is happy and energetic which keeps life entertaining.
When I took pictures of Jack being sick he tried to smile because that's what I have trained him to do when I point the camera at him- he's so precious, I just hope he gets better soon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tired! How do mothers cope with more than one child? My hats off to you!

Yesterday morning Jack was the ultimate ratbag; very needy and whining constantly. I thought "today's is going to be a long day!" On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a class at BYU and Jack tags along, so getting to class is quite the process. Jack is a great distraction to the over worked and tired students; his cute faces and sporadic baby sounds are far more entertaining than the lecture. No, my teacher is actually excellent and very entertaining.

I don't know what happened between being home and arriving at class but Jack was perfect in class, barely a peak. This was wonderful! Often I'm only in class for 20 mins before Jack is too rambunctious and we leave to enjoy the stale corridors. When I am in class I barely grasp what is being taught because my energy is directed at keeping Jack entertained and wiping up the numerous spit ups. This was really the only time today that Jack was happy and normal but I see it as a blessing, often we just have to roll with the punches to appreciate the simple blessing along the way.

Earlier I was doing laundry my favorite job- NOT! I had left Jack on my bed with the laundry basket and when I returned he had already started. As cute as it was to see him lying in my lovey clean clothes I quickly removed him to prevent him from decorating the clean clothes with his ever pouring spit.

The other day Ben and I were playing Pass the Pigs and I think Ben was cheating because he was throwing jousters, leaning jousters left and right. He won all three games; that's a little fishy because I am usually rather good at this game. Jack found it funny and enjoyable to watch from us from the coach.

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